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GRACO ULTRA Cordless 17M366 Cordless Airless Spray , for applications of water-based products.

The equipment is supplied ready to work with: Graco Ultra Airless Handheld DC Gun Head + Graco RAC X Graco RAC X FFLP 410 and 514 Nozzles + 60 and 100 mesh suction filters + Canister and 4 cup holding system + Dewalt 18 battery V + Battery charger + Carrying bag + Instruction manual

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The equipment or portable GRACO battery gun for water products ,

Portable airless sprayers are an essential tool for delivering small finished jobs quickly. Graco's industry-proven Ultra portable sprayers are the most advanced in the world, offering unbeatable speed, flawless finish, and the reliability that they're ready to go the next time you need them .

Ultra Portable Airless Sprayers are specifically designed for small indoor, outdoor and specialty projects. The real benefits of Ultra Portable Sprayers are the perfect airless finish, superior portability on the job, and their availability to spray in seconds. Painting contractors can easily spray those small jobs without having to turn on their larger airless sprayer.


¢         The fastest way to get small jobs done - tested by professionals No need to dilute paint and with the same technique and speed as the classic Airless sprayer

¢         Perfect Airless Finish ¢: smooth and smooth at any speed Single coat coating without the need to thin the paint on all types of interior coatings and finishes

¢         Reliability at your fingertips - every job, every time New design even easier to clean

Ready to Work, equipped with:

¢             Graco Ultra Airless Spray 17m366

¢             Graco RAC X Head

¢             Graco RAC X FFLP 410 and 514 Nozzles

¢             60 and 100 mesh suction filters

¢             Container and 4 cups holding system

¢             18V Dewalt Battery

¢             Battery charger

¢             Carry bag

¢             Manual


¢             Lacquers

¢             Varnishes

¢             Primer

Recommended ACCESSORIES . (You can check these products in our search engine).

¢ FlexLiner Accessories ¢

17A226 1 Liter FlexLiner Paint Bags (3-Pack)

17P212 1 Liter FlexLiner Paint Bags (25 Pack)

17F005 1.25 Liter FlexLiner Paint Bags (3-Pack)

17P549 1.25 Liter FlexLiner Paint Bags (25 Pack)

¢ Additional FlexLiner Tank Assemblies ¢

17P550 1 Liter Flexliner System (Water Based)

17P551 1 Liter Flexliner System (Solvent Resistant)

17P552 1.25 Liter Flexliner System (Water Based)

17P553 1.25 Liter Flexliner System (Solvent Resistant)

¢ Deposits

17N392 Reservoir, 1 liter

17D850 Reservoir, 1.25 liter

¢ CanConnect ¢

17M867 CanConnect

¢ Filters

17P554 60 mesh (3-pack)

17P555 100 meshes (3-pack)

¢ RAC X nozzle holders and extensions ¢

246215 RAC X ¢ 7/8 '' Nozzle Holder (Water Based)

17P573 RAC X ¢ 1 '' Nozzle Holder (Solvent Resistant)

287019 25 cm extension with Rac X ¢ nozzle holder

287020 40 cm extension with Rac X ¢ nozzle holder

¢ Nozzles and seats

FFLPXXX Nozzles RAC X ¢ FF LP SwitchTips ¢

17P501 Nozzle Seat / Gasket (Water Based) (5-Pack)

17P502 Nozzle Seat / Gasket (Solvent Resistant) (5-Pack)

¢ Batteries

17P557 1 x 18V DEWALT® Li-Ion Battery 18V 2.0Ah

17P560 Charger, 230 V

¢ Liquids

253574 1 Liter Pump Armor ¢

¢ Others

17M883 Carrying case

17N515 Cap assembly (water based)

17N517 Cap assembly (solvent resistant)

17M879 Cap plug

16H256 Ground wire

17P712 Vacuum valve plug

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