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▷ Graco 17c344 CLASSIC 290 PC Professional Airless Painting Equipment - Single Phase 240 V. Mounted on Support. Equipped with :

✔ Graco Airless Gun with 517 Tip.

✔ Airless hose 15 M - 1/4 "

✔ Suction hose with filter.

✔ TSL oil can, gaskets.

✔ Ideal: for plastic painting jobs, primers, enamels, exteriors, lacquers, varnishes ...

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€1,500.00 (tax excl.)
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CLASSIC GRACO equipment has been tested and approved to spray a wide range of lacquers, acrylics, primers, enamels, varnishes and acrylic paints for interiors without bucket. The ideal equipment for interior remodeling of small residential jobs and light commercial jobs.

FINISH EVERY JOB, EVERY DAY Next-generation CLASSIC sprayers have now been upgraded with ProConnect ™, a quick and easy job site pump replacement system that further increases the value of the most reliable compact electrical equipment.

The 390 CLASSIC PC, equipped with a brush motor, is a robust and efficient tool built for professionals who are 'getting started'. It is the ideal sprayer for residential jobs.

Proven Endurance ™ pump technology in all CLASSIC models makes this sprayer perfect for professionals who frequently spray a wide range of interior coatings.

The CLASSICS 395/495 are the best choice for professionals looking for superior performance, control and additional comfort for their daily use in residential tasks.


The CLASSICS incorporates a FTX ™ -E gun, variable speed motor and SmartControl ™ 1.0 technology, which allows electronic control for a uniform spray pattern regardless of pressure.


All Hi-Boy CLASSIC models have been configured with a premium multifunction trolley version equipped with pneumatic wheels, direct suction, a grab bar, a frame for hose reel and a practical tool box.



Convenience of transport:

Comfortable grip rubber tilt handle to separate sprayer from leg


Swivel Inlet Suction Hose:

- All aluminum components are durable, lightweight and stainless


- No tool required to disassemble the hose to clean or access the suction ball


- Easily rotates to reach buckets or paint cans



- Stays upright, so paint cans won't tip over


- The large tank installed houses the inlet during transport to collect possible drips


Variable pressure control:

(CLASSIC 390 models only)


Position indicator allows reproducible adjustment when spraying lighter or heavier products


Easy-Out ™ Pump Filter:

- Large filter area reduces nozzle clogging and ensures a quality finish


- Filters with inside-out filter design do not fall off and can only be cleaned with a few liters


- Vertical filter design easily removes with lid and prevents spillage


SmartControl ™ 1.0:

Variable speed control provides consistent spray pressure.


Semi-pneumatic wheels:

- They facilitate movement on difficult surfaces


Exclusive Hi-Boy Features:

-A thick layer of chrome over steel to withstand extreme environments


-Retractable support, which also serves to easily grasp the rolled hose


- The practical inlet suction allows to directly suck up buckets of up to 30 liters


- TiltBack ™ trolley allows one person to easily change the bucket and incorporates a tool box


Quick replacement of the pump:

- It will take only a minute and without leaving the workplace


- Keep spraying instead of waiting for technical service


- Absence of stems or parts that can be lost


Características Técnicas:


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Airless Graco 290 St Classic
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