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Disposable EPI Tyvek Classic Xpert coverall for personal protection. Size L .

✅Disposable PPE personal protective equipment.

✅DuPont Tyvek Classic Xpert hood for protection against chemical agents.

✅Category III, IV, V and VI.

✔ Available size L. ,, for other measurements consult.

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Reliable, high-quality disposable personal protection (PPE) overalls: Tyvek Classic Xpert .

✔ Available size L. ,, for other measurements consult.

It acts as a barrier against various inorganic chemicals in low concentration and against particles larger than 1 µm (0.001mm).

It also protects against radioactive contamination produced by particles.

Due to its antistatic properties it is suitable for work in potentially explosive environments. Antistatic treatment on both sides of the garment according to EN-1149-5: 2008

Dispose of:

  • Hood with elastic ,
  • Concealed zip with placket
  • Elasticated ankles and wrists .

Diver specially indicated for protection against chemical products .


  • Disposable jumpsuit of great resistance and comfort.
  • The durability of Tyvek® material offers an excellent barrier protection.
  • Permeable to air and water vapor
  • Adjustable hood
  • Larger zipper pull Glued elastic waist (not sewn on) for added protection and fit .
  • Latex-free, elasticated hood, cuffs and ankles for a perfect fit.
  • Entirely ergonomic shape , with sleeves that do not rise and a wide crotch for greater freedom of movement.

Especially effective against:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead dust
  • Radioactive dusts smaller than one micron in size.
  • Liquid and Aqueous Chemical Splashes
  • Asbestos
  • Radioactive particles
  • Pharmaceutical particles
  • Biological hazards
  • Work areas with explosive risks
  • Others

Protection Regulations :

  • Type 5 : Protection against chemical agents in solid particles in the air (Standard: EN ISO 13982-1)
  • Type 6 : Garments with limited impermeability to liquid projections (New test method: EN ISO-17491-4 Method A)
  • Electrostatic protection if garment is properly grounded (except green Tyvek® Classic Xpert) (Standard: EN 1149-5: 2008)
  • Class 2 protection against contamination by radioactive particles (Standard: EN 1073-2: 2002)
  • Biological protection (Standard: EN 14126: 2003)

Effective and superior protection of types 5/6, based on inherent barrier properties.

Some help links about JOMAR are detailed.

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  • To see videos of the use of Graco equipment, access our YouTube channel ... here.
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