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Assisted and mixed air

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Jomar is an official distributor and SAT de Graco, National Leader with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, offers you this section a wide variety of professional equipment to paint Assistant air system "Mixed Equipment" for Finishing works. Strong> p>

The air-assisted function simply offers the possibility of using the equipment effectively with lower pressure ranges, a desirable feature for high finishing jobs. In addition, the supply capacity of 18 liters confers at AAA sprayers a production advantage over the HVLPs in the higher-scale tasks, although with a transfer efficiency and a similar finish quality. P>

Merkur: Strong> High finishing and high performance spray sets. p>

The new and improved Merkur ™ sets have been designed to surrender and last longer than other pumps from its category. With more models and configurations to choose, obtain pressure and flow necessary with maximum precision for your finishing applications. P>

The correct flow rate for adequate pressure to meet all your spray needs. Strong> p>

With four sizes of pneumatic motors and thirteen different models, among which to choose, the perfect Merkur finishing systems have been designed to improve productivity, reduce costs and emissions and provide a uniform and high-quality finish in all its Applications p>

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