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Electric Airless.

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EDP, of the Jomar group, is an official distributor and SAT of Graco Strong>, leader with more 40-year experience in the sector, offers this section a wide variety of teams to paint Airless Graco, Both for small work of residential use and intensive use or large work of great production and needs to apply great thick products. We have a wide variety of equipment according to your needs. p>

Electrical Airless paint application equipment em>, we will distribute it in three sectors or markets. : P>

Small jobs. : Airless for residential, domestic, weekly use approx. About 500 m2. newspaper. .. how are the GX - St Max - Classic models, for applications such as plastic paint, enamels, primers, ... li> Great jobs: Airless for use residence, airports, shopping centers, about 1000 m2 per day, such as Ultra Max - Mark IV models, for applications such as plastic paint, structural primers, epoxy, rubber, enamels, latex ... li> Intensive use: Airless for large projects with dense products, such as intumescent, plaster, rubber, membranes, the most used models are the Mark V, Mark Max, GH or EH, Dutimax, GH 833 .. Li > ul>

They can inform us of their need, activity, product, application, to be able to advise you of the best option or if it were necessary to perform tests, demonstrations,, until you get the best equipment for your application. P>

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